Client Testimonials:

Client Industry: Banking/Finance
Project Duration: 36 Months
Start Date: 10/1997

Services Delivered:

Evaluated and recommend hardware configurations including:

  • CPUs
  • networking hardware/software
  • back-up hardware
  • network devices and protocols
  • installed hardware systems
  • configured operating and networking environments
  • ensured access to vendor data across internet based transmission
  • performed fire wall needs assessment

Client Industry: Nonprofit
Project Duration: 3 Years
Start Date: 07/1998

Services Delivered:

Beginning in 1998 our company was hired to produce a quarterly newsletter

  • PageMaker
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Responsibilities included
  • layout and design
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • content collection

Client Industry: Education
Project Duration: 10 Months
Start Date: 12/2000

Services Delivered:

Designed and created MS Visual Basic software

Handled all aspects of the registration process for this customer's annual education conference

  • phone and on-line sign-up
  • payment tracking
  • speaker documentation
  • customer service

Client Industry: Sports and Entertainment
Project Duration: Still Active
Start Date: 12/1996

Services Delivered:

  • Supplied cross-platform computer networking in a LAN aspect
  • initial needs assessment
  • design
  • software/hardware upgrades
  • Provide 24/7 365days a year on call technical support, on the computer infrastructure at their professional music recording studio.

"The employees at Electric Word, Inc. are exemplary. I have contracted with other individuals and companies in the past, but none came close to delivering the service and high quality products that Electric Word employees delivered. Mr. Austine is a skilled computer programmer and used Visual Basic software to completely automate our registration and presenter processes. Moreover, the customer service that they delivered to our conference attendees and presenters was outstanding. Mr. Austine and his employees have an exemplary customer service approach. I communicated my expectations and needs via e-mail, phone conversations, and some face-to face meetings, and they always were able to take my ideas and stated needs and make things work. I especially appreciated that they were able to share their thoughts, creativity, and talents to make my ideas work most efficiently and effectively."


"Electric Word's performance was consistently above and beyond the call. They were always suggesting creative avenues, great input. I will use them again and again. I recommend them highly."


"Electric Word, Inc. was very reliable and easy to work with! They are a great company to work with."

"The Electric Word professionals are truly that, professionals. The consultants listen to your needs and perform responsive work. They offer solutions that the customer may not have thought of that increase ease of hardware/software use or improve functionality."